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Be A Certified Aromatherapy Coach


The Basic Coaching Skills is required for certification by most independent accredited certification boards and all of the spiritual licensing boards accredited by FSHLB. Other workshops endorsed by NTCW, NTCRS and PHA are accepted by most accredited certification boards. You may contact Spiritual Healer Coach or you can also source this course at Spiritual Healer Professional Learning Institute for more information. Chalyce teaches this class upon request. You may email her here.

Basic Coaching Skills Overview - This workshop is designed to help you talk the talk of a professional without practicing anything without a license. The techniques taught in Empowering Coaching Tools are used during this workshop. We encourage you to start practicing those techniques before you register for this coaching skills workshop.

By following the guidelines taught in this workshop, you will be able to practice without diagnosing, treating, prescribing, counseling, curing or attempting to cure any medical, emotional, mental, psychological or physical condition, disease or disorder of any kind. You will practice legally, ethically and professionally. This is a 30 CEU workshop that can be used for spiritual licensing, license renewals, certification and re-certification

Correspondence Classes

Professional Practices is a course that teaches you how to thrive and survive in the environment in which we work. This course -- required by most certification boards -- counts 10 CEU toward certification and re-certification.

Professional Ethics is a course designed to help you function legally, professionally and ethically as a natural therapies professional. This course -- required by most certification boards -- counts 10 CEU toward certification and re-certification.

Creating Informed Consent Forms is a great tool designed for you to personalize your Informed Consent Form to give you maximum protection. Instructors are available for one-on-one consultations. This course -- required by most certification boards -- counts 20 CEU toward certification and re-certification.

Contact Spiritual Healer Coach for more information

Aromatherapy Intensive Workshop - This workshop is based on the new aromatherapy paradigm and advanced techniques for using and blending essential oils. A pre-requisite to joining this advanced workshop is first completing the three correspondence courses and the basic coaching skills workshop. This is a 75 CEU Workshop. You may take with course with Chalyce, click here to learn more.


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